This workshop aims at bringing people together to do something enjoyable outside their usual work routine. People who are experienced in making music as well as people who never even held an instrument in their hands can join in!

Body Percussion, Capoeira, Drumbands and much more!

The participants get acquainted with several instruments. Practising these instruments will quickly result in an energetic samba, in which even the most inexperienced drummer can take part.

Learning how to play music together as a group is pleasant and gives one a lot of satisfaction. But the effect goes even far beyond that: it creates a strong bond between people and in this respect the workshop strengthens the teamspirit and is excellent for teambuilding.

The Brazilian percussion workshop is an exciting event, which will turn out to be an unforgettable experience of great value to all participants.

Edson Gomes´s Percussion Workshops were attended by IKEA personnel, managers of Nissan Europe, The Tropical Museum in Amsterdam and the Royal Institute of Tropics (the KIT) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and resulted in great enthusiasm!