When Edson Gomes traveled to Europe in 1986, the only luggage he carried with him were music instruments. Since that time he has been very active in the areas of theater, dance, film and music; not only as a musician but also as a renowned teacher.

He performed with several groups in different countries. During 1998 and 1999 he played with Samba Salad accompanied by the Metropool orchestra under the leadership of Dick Baker. For many years now he is entrusted with the Brazilian music percussion for the CREA choir.

Edson Gomes gives private and group percussion lessons. He also has pecial program for children between seven and sixteen years old. In cooperation with the Dutch Institute for Artist Education ‘Uit de Kunst', he offers percussion workshops and concerts at primary and secondary schools all over the Netherlands, together with three other artists.

Adults can attend his workshops in different locations in the Nederlands and Germany.
In addition, he organizes workshops for foundations and organizations (like the Dutch Heart Foundation or the Museum of the Tropics, where he is associated with since 1987), and also works with private groups.

A speciality of Edson Gomes is a workshop developed for companies, where besides the pleasure of making music, the main target is teambuilding

Since 1992 he has recorded the following CD's (with various groups):

  • Tink! Dance Cuts Vol.1 - Varios Artists

  • World Rythms Brazil - Buitenkunst

  • Yemaya - Samba Salad (children's music)

  • Forrobodó - Fuzuê (forró-music)

  • Navegando de la Havana a Rio - Estrella Acosta

  • Fortuna is Back - Jerry Themen

  • Zwinga - Maracanã - Poligram

  • Colours of the rhythms - Edson Gomes